Double Bell Silk Threads

The brand “Double Bell” provides best quality embroidery threads and gives a rich look. We are the whole and sole distributors of Double Bell Silk Threads and other related products in chennai. They are the best quality silk threads having bright luster and long lasting shine. Available in as many as 400 vibrant shades. It is made from 100% natural viscose filament. Double Bell Silk Threads have high breakage resistance and are both washable and dry cleanable. They do not bleed color or fade even after many washes and do not get affected by chemical and pressure. They are used in both handwork and computerised work. It is choice of many high end designers in the industry for embroidery designs. These silk threads are used in making silk thread jewelry, silk thread bangles, tailoring and embroidery designs. Below are the sample of shades, you contact us or Whatsapp us for the orders.


Shade 1

Shade 7N

Shade 13

Shade 14

Shade 17

Shade 17N

Shade 25D

Shade 38

Shade 45

Shade 77

Shade 90

Shade 103

Shade 104L

Shade 115

Shade 118

Shade 130

Shade 131

Shade 227

Shade 576

Shade 726

Shade 2

Shade 3

Shade 4

Shade 5D

Shade 5N

Shade 6

Shade 15N

Shade 7

Shade 23

Shade 24

Shade 30

Shade 31L

Shade 32

Shade 35

Shade 35D

Shade 40

Shade 46

Shade 48

Shade 49LL

Shade 59

Shade 61

Shade 62

Shade 63

Shade 64

Shade 69

Shade 70

Shade 230

Shade 708

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